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Online Bill Pay

South Marengo County Water & Fire Protection Authority

Pay your bill online using a Debit/Credit card or from your Bank account!        

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Our new online bill payment system allows even more convenient ways for you to pay your bill online!

You can access our online bill pay any time by going to pay.southmarengo.com with your South Marengo County Water and Fire Protection Authority account number.

You may pay your bill in person at the office during normal business hours or by using the payment drop box at 245 Duck Pond Rd, Linden, AL 36748 or by mail with check or money order to PO BOX 480388, Linden, AL 36748. Please visit SouthMarengo.com for hours and more information.

Important Information

If you are disconnected or paying a late fee please contact the office to make sure you are paying the correct amounts. A partial payment may not restore your account to good standing. If you are disconnected and make an online payment, please call the office to ensure the payment was recorded and that you will be reconnected as soon as possible.

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Credit & Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover)
  • NEW Apple Pay & Google Pay (on supported devices)
  • NEW Online Bank Pay – Pay with Online Banking with your current financial institution. Lower Convenience Fees
    • Local Banks Including Regions, Sweet Water State Bank, Bank of Linden, and Robertson Banking Company are all supported by using Plaid.

Safety and Security Information

  • Your payment information is Processed by Stripe (debit/credit card transactions, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc…) or by Plaid (pay by bank transactions). Stripe & Plaid process payments in a very secure manner. South Marengo Water does not have access to your full card numbers or full banking account information. Your information is processed securely by Stripe or Plaid.
  • Plaid About/Security
  • Stripe About/Security

This website uses HTTPS, HSTS, DNSSEC, and other security features to maximize security and ensure your data is kept private and confidential.

Privacy and Terms of Use

Updated January 2021

South Marengo County Water and Fire Protection Authority does not sell or market your personal information in any way. Any information you provide is used only for the servicing of your account with us. We use your information to process payments and provide customer service. If you use Facebook, Google, or Yahoo to sign in or create an account you also agree to their terms, policies, and procedures. South Marengo will connect to those third party services to collect only basic information such as your name and email address in order to link to or create an account at your request. You may login with only an email address and/or password if you prefer. You may remove your account with this service at any time by emailing office@southmarengo.com or you may remove any third party service from your profile by logging into your account here.

You are only authorized to use this service for paying and managing your utility account. No other use of this service is permitted. South Marengo Water reserves the right to limit or terminate your access to this service at any time, or to discontinue or modify the service, pricing, or features at any time. Your use of this service constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.